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Everything is One 

Decoding the mystery of life !!
A Mystery that has baffled scientists for thousand of years...
Documentary reveals Atom behavior, Cell coding/Communications/Behavior, Brain functioning,  Memories, Consciousness & Sub consciousness, Dreams, Memories of past life, Kundalini, Voluntary & Involuntary actions, Out-of-Body experiences, Mystery of Soul/Ghosts/Spirits ....

Describes the System design, Architecture, Functional Specs & Application Axiom of the human body/Brain System.

Science Documentary for Professors, Scientists & PHD Students from Bio-sciences, Computer science, Artificial intelligence, Neuro-science & Humanities.

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Screening every Sat & Sunday at 8.00 pm PST (Vancouver Canada)
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Everything is One (Part 1)
Origin, Evolution & Nature of Life
Journey of the 1st cell as it travelled for 6 billion yrs to evolve into a multi-cellular human body
Describes the system design & architecture of the human body/Brain system                            

Every Saturday - 8.00 PM (PST Vancouver time)
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Everything is One (part 2)
Purpose of Life...
Journey into the human mind.
Functional specification & Application axiom of the human body/brain system.
Describes the data inputs to the human brain.
Identifies the Malware that triggers Neurobiological brain disorder & renders the system redundant.
What prevents humanity from living a utopian life?

Screens Every Sunday - 8.00 pm (PST Vancouver time) 
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'Just Brilliant' - Prof Manas Mandal - Neuro scientist (IIT- Kharagpur)
'Best video i have ever watched' - Prof Richard Harris (Anatomy/Physiology -Univ of Alberta CA
'Unique & deep dive' -  Suhas Hulyakar. AI scientist (IIT Kharagpur)
'Fascinating' - Dr Sumit Sharma (MBBS MD - gynecologist)


The American Way
Connecting the dots...

What makes US the richest country in the world
Hoe does it create & retain wealth
Roadmap for poor nations to eradicate poverty thru systemic changes.

Documentary for lawmakers, executive, judiciary & business leaders.

Screening every Sunday - 8.00 AM (PST - Vancouver time)
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'Appreciate the efforts for eradicating poverty' - Mr. Ratan Tata - Chairman emeritus - TATA Group
'This was very enlightening' - Mr Prodyut Bora - MP, IIM - A, Yale Univ USA
'Masterpiece Video'' - Prof Latha Nair - SP Jain Mng Institute Mumbai
'Thanks, a great job' - S. Manikutty. Professor - IIM Ahmedabad.
'Excellent film' - Ron Somers President US-India Business Council – USA

Ramesh Kulkarni
(Worked as VP/President in IT Companies in India/USA/Canada)
Center for Introspection & Enlightenment
Initiatives for a Utopian human life based on Science
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