Everything is One – Decoding Mystery of life. Review by Sudha Chandran-IIT (M), IIM (A)

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Sudha Chandran – IIT (Mumbai), IIM (A)
18 yrs in IT – Voice & data communication networks, telecom, SAAS, Solution Architecture.

Everything is one
Part 1- Origin, Evolution & Nature of Life 

This two-part documentary tries to bring out the purpose of human life and interconnectedness of human being with the universe scientifically.

The purpose of human life is advancement – to evolve into a higher species. In order for us to achieve this objective, we must create an enabling environment and that environment can be created if we all are citizens of earth - ofplanet without boundaries, speak one language, have one currency, get access to common education system and get equal pay.

The focus is to convey that all people are equal, universe is beautiful and we all must work towards evolving into a higher species.
The first part focuses primarily on human physiology and evolution of human being.

After watching the first part, I was in awe of myself – the tremendous potential that each one of us has and the sophisticated systems we have within ourselves is just mind boggling.

This realization hits the nail because of the use of familiar computer vocabulary like multi-dimensional database, master program, database maintenance, RAM, ROM, logic unit, malware etc.
The second part maintains the scientific outlook to explore the purpose of our life.

Part 2 - Purpose of Life

The second part is made interesting by explaining things such as near-death experience, dreams, emotions.

Part 2 also has several interesting examples, anecdotes about the likes of Captain James Cook, John Waterman to explain our various aspects.
All in all, I found these two parts fascinating and really appreciate Ramesh for all the research and effort that has gone in making this.

Three cheers to Ramesh for advocating to live a beautiful life!
Thanks for sharing the documentary. I really liked watching them.

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