Everything is One – (Science Documentary) Review by Suhas Hulyalkar (IIT Kharagpur) Scientist AI-Deep Learning

Suhas Hulyalkar – IIT Kharagpur
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Review of - Everything is One – Part 1

The film "Everything Is One" is a unique effort to address the most fundamental aspect of human existence. That is the Design & Architecture of the human body!.. We are so used to living our day to day life that we simply take it for granted & fail to admire the enormous wealth of God's creation - the spectacular human body and mind that we possess
The movie presents us the whole story of evolution of life from the beginning. It takes a deep dive into the entire span of billions of years to bring out the entire evolution process. It narrates how living matter came into existence starting with the basic unicellular amoeba to multicellular fungi to plants to animals all the way to the most advanced creation of God - the human being; How all organisms are capable of maintaining themselves, responding to stimuli, growing, developing and reproducing themselves to propagate their respective race. Going one step ahead with every passing generation, - as a part of the self learning process - how they have also been evolving all the way from Amoeba to animals to humans to superhumans ...
It goes on to explain how our body is made up of countless billions and trillions of cells. Such that each one of the cells is like a powerhouse that works round the clock, daily, from birth to death, like a full fledged supercomputer. Each such cell belongs to an organ that in turn is part of a system designed to deliver a specific functionality like digestion, respiration, blood circulation, excretion etc.
Thereafter it illustrates how these systems effectively interact with their surroundings via well defined processes like breathing air, eating and digesting food and discarding the waste as excreta so as to maintain the human machine. It establishes to the granular detail how each process is well coordinated via respective organs.
It further elaborates on the remarkable reproduction process wherein a zygote is formed via fertilization of female ovum with male sperm that borrows half characteristics of both; how the process is programmed so precisely that physical, mental sentimental characteristics get propagated across generations as the genes
FInally it poses the most baffling question of who designed this whole architecture and who drives the process that we call life? Mankind has been observing, analysing and hypothesizing with various theories to get a plausible answer to these questions over hundreds - rather thousands of years. However so far it has had limited success.
Starting from the above basic question, the movie brings out step by step detail with utmost precision and scientific interpretation. The author has done a commendable job in tackling the most profound question of human existence.

Everything is One – Part 2

Here are my comments for Part II
- Good and evil forces have always co-existed on planet earth over millions of years. Between these, only the good, noble and divine forces have contributed to the betterment of mankind. Evil forces, in contrast, has always worked towards destruction
- We humans are the luckiest among all living creatures on account of the unique power of reasoning, intuition, knowledge, and communication given to us by destiny. We must reciprocate this spectacular gift of human life we have got, by enjoying it to the fullest in the righteous way as well as by contributing to the evolution of the humans into superhumans. If we do this, we would have truly served the purpose of our existence!
- But how can we achieve this? The film "Everything is One - Purpose of Life. Connecting the dots... " has the answer....

It takes a deep dive into the operations of the supercomputer that we call as the 'human being', to explore - what all types of input data (all information we take in through our sense organs) is fed to it & what is the resulting output. It goes on to establish that a zygote, which is a raw human form at birth, can very well turn into an angel or a devil depending on what data is systematically fed to it.
- In other words it relates to how our education system should be redesigned to encourage gaining knowledge about vastness of the universe, understanding the infinity, removing the barriers of language, religion, cast, creed, countries etc., treating entire human community as one and teachings of morality, sacrifice, love and empathy towards fellow human being as the supreme.
Essentially all in the direction of what's called utopian living.

A Really a commendable creation that is very apt to get an insight on how to live a meaningful life.... a must watch for everyone


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