Everything is One – Decoding Mystery of life. Review by Dr Sumit Sharma MBBS MD (Paediatric)

Everything is one -
Review by Dr Sumit Sharma – MBBS MD - Paediatrics - 20 yrs in medical field.  Canada
Dr Ms Sunanda Sharma  - MBBS - Gynaecology & Obstetrics - 15 yrs in Medical. Canada

I and Dr Sunanda Sharma watched and reviewed the Documentary ‘Everything is One’  (both the sequels).

As a Doctor with 18 yrs in the medical profession -  I can confirm that all the statements in the documentary with respect to Physiology are correct  and to the best of my knowledge of the established and known facts in the medical field.

For e.g. the description of the following  are factual  and well documented in the medical profession
(a) The stages and time period of growth of the embryo (Zygote)
(b) And the functioning of the 9 subsystems ie Cardiovascular system, Digestive system, Respiratory system

However the functioning of the central nervous system (especially the brain) is not very well known or understood. The research is in a nascent stage and neuro scientists are still grappling to understand the functioning of the brain.

‘Everything is One’ explains the design and architecture of the Human system in great details - especially the functioning of the central nervous system in technological terms. The Human system is structured and functions in a very scientific way just like a computer. The author has methodically explained layer by layer using computer technology knowledge - the structure of the human system.The 2nd sequel explains the correct input-data to the human system  using 25 chapters called “senses”

All the input-data seems correct & logical and we feel it can easily be validated thru simple brain test using MRI Scanners.
I also feel that the contents of the documentary will be very helpful/ useful to the medical/biotech research institutions.
We found the documentary was engaging and fascinating and an encyclopedia of new knowledge.

I fully support the author’s mission of  ‘A Utopian world based on science & Technology’


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A Utopian life based on Science & Technology.

And evolve into a advanced specie.


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