Mental illness – Brain entanglement that has trapped 2 billion people

Mental illness - Roadmap by Center for introspection & enlightenment Canada BC

Mental illness
Brain entanglement that has trapped 2 Billion people
Neuroscience lost in the labyrinth
Reverse engineering the human brain
Unravelling the chakravyuha
Roadmap for humanity                                                                          

By Ramesh Kulkarni
30 yrs in IT as GM/VP/President
Canadian citizen & lived in USA for 10 yrs

The Trigger
Year – 1997.
Location - Maryland USA
In the midst of Iraq-/USA war.

My neighbor a doctor at the Govt hospital in Maryland was working 18 hrs a day without a break.
Young soldiers in the age of 19-22 who had lost their arms/legs in IED blasts were being admitted in large numbers.
Majority of these young soldiers were diagnosed with PTSD.
The doctors were were stressed out trying to prevent several suicide attempts every day.
And in the process were getting psychologically affected too.

Here were fine young men physically fit but suffering from mental illness!!
So what exactly is going on in the brain?

History & Rapid growth
There is a little bit we already know about mental illness, but there is still a vast lot that is not known.
Mental illness is a condition of the mind, which makes it difficult to study.

Mental illness or Neuro-biological brain disease has been in existence for last 7000 years ever since the dawn of civilization - From the day the monkey brain began transitioning, evolving & maturing into a human brain.

Current global situation
Today more than 2 billion people in the world are suffering from clinically diagnosed mental illness.
In underdeveloped nations and large parts of populated areas there is no data and hence the exact numbers are not known.
More importantly it is steadily increasing every year.
It shot up sharply during COVID.

There are more than 32 listed types of mental illness / NBDS including -
Depression, Bi-polar, sleep disorder, Schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, eating disorder, PTSD, ETC

Mental illness - Roadmap by Center for introspection & enlightenment Canada BC

Mental illness - its universality
The striking nature of mental illness is its universality.
Let’s examine this

Mental illness & Nations/Race/Language
Mental illness/NBD is extensively prevalent in
Developed nations – USA, Europe, Australia, Canada,
Developing nations – China, USSR, India, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Greenland
Poor & Underdeveloped nations - Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq,

Mental illness afflicts all nations whether developed & materially wealthy or those facing acute poverty.
It also cuts across race & ethnicity.

Eg - Source: MHA (Mental health America) - Rates of depression in Black people (24.6 percent), Hispanic people (19.6 percent) & White people (34.7 percent)

Mental illness & Gender
Mental illness afflicts genders of all types - males, females, transgender etc
A Minimal gender difference was found in dimensional depression scores and in prevalence rates of depression. Both these measures were found to increase continuously with age in both genders.

Depression in relation to age and gender in the general population: the Nord- Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT) - E Stordal 1, M Bjartveit Krüger, N H Dahl, Ø Krüger, A Mykletun, A A Dahl

Mental illness & education/ IQ
There seems to be no co-relation between the level of education /IQ & mental illness.
It afflicts the educated with high IQ as well the uneducated.

Those with higher education/ IQ that suffered include
Gabriele Rabel, botanist, physicist, Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD, author, educator and mental health advocate, Robert S. Corrington, American philosopher & professor of Philosophical Theology., Jeff Hammerbacher, data scientist, chief scientist at Cloudera. an Huxley, British evolutionary biologist, eugenicist, and internationalist., Kay Redfield Jamison, American clinical psychologist, professor of psychiatry, Andrew Lange, astrophysicist and Goldberger Professor of Physics, Ada Lovelace, British mathematician, and computer programmer, Dimitri Mihalas, astrophysicist , Liz Miller, British physician, surgeon, Isaac Newton, English Physicist, Inventor of Calculus, Emil Post, American mathematician and logician, Gabriele Rabel, botanist, physicist, Cher Scarlett, American software engineer, Norbert Wiener, American mathematician, philosopher, originator of cybernetics, Rufus May – British clinical psychologist, Robert M. Pirsig – American writer and philosopher etc

Mental illness & profession 
Does the type of profession trigger mental illness?
Not at all.
Data indicates that people from all ‘type’ of profession have been victims.

Scientists, engineers, Doctors, Labourers, politicians, Artists (actors, musicians, singers, painters etc), Writers, Poets, Philosophers …
…have all been ensnared in its maelstrom..

Mental illness & the physically fit
Mental illness affects even those who are extremely physically fit like sportsmen or army soldiers. eg

Davone Bess, Football, Michael phelps Swimmer, Frank Bruno, Boxer, Quincy Carter, Football, Jimmy Piersall, Baseball , Alonzo Spellman- Football Penina Davidson - Basketball David Feherty -Golfe, Paul Gascoigne Footballer, Everson Griffen, Football , Charles Haley, Football, Suzy Favor Hamilton-Runner, Teddy Hart, Wrestler, Doug Harvey, Ice Hockey, Byron Houston, Basketball, Andrew Johns,- Rugby, "Fast" Eddie Johnson, Basketball , John Konrads, Swimmer, AJ Lee, Wrestler Johnny Manziel, Football.

Mental Illness & Humor
There is a perception that those who are constantly laughing, in a elated
Mood or euphoric states of mind are not affected.
But the long list of humorists & comedians affected include.

Art Buchwald, Russell Brand, Dick Cavett, Spike Milligan, Bill Oddie, enoît Poelvoorde, Jim Carrey.

You cannot laugh your way out of this one.

Mental illness & Power
Power is supposedly an energizer, a stimulant & elixir of health.
But data indicates that majority of emperors, Kings, Dictators & Modern day politicians are victims too.
Here is a long list

John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Quincy Adams, Franklin Pierce , Calvin Coolidge, Rutherford B Hayes , Theodore Roosevelt , Woodrow Wilson , Adolf Hitler, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, and Lyndon Johnson

Mental illness & the Rich/wealthy
There is no correlation between material wealth & mental illness.
The long list of the Richest who could not stave off mental illness despite their enormous wealth include.

Ted Turner, Philip Graham, William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, Elon Musk, Naomi Sims, Aaron Swartz, Ben Hutz, Kate Spade, Howard Hughes

Mental Illness & good looks
There is also a perception that with good looks, popularity, fame, love & adulation etc a person is unlikely to be afflicted.
The long list of Actors/actresses who suffer from bi-polar etc includes

Bradd Pitt, Johhny Depp,, Marlon Brando, Brooke shields, Gwenth Paltrow etc.

Mental Illness & religious preachers
Mental illness affects preachers from all religions.
With the highest %age found amongst Christianity & Islamic preachers.
In fact in a study reported the rate of depression amongst the preachers is 7 times of general population.

Source -
Depression and Anxiety in Roman Catholic Secular Clergy Sarah Knox Marquette University, Stephen G. Virginia Tribunal of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus, Ohio John P. Lombardo Marquette University,

Mother Teresa was a afflicted. And so were William Cowper, Martin Luther, Hannah Allen, David Brainerd, William Cowper, Charles Spurgeon, and Martin Luther King, Jr

Mental illness & Neuroscientists

According to neuroscience - “The causes of bipolar disorder likely vary between individuals and the exact mechanism underlying the disorder remains unclear” -

Nierenberg AA, Kansky C, Brennan BP, Shelton RC, Perlis R, Iosifescu DV (January 2013). "Mitochondrial modulators for bipolar disorder: a pathophysiologically informed paradigm for new drug development". Aust N Z J Psychiatry.

Mental illness - Roadmap by Center for introspection & enlightenment Canada BC

Neuro-scientists to seems lost in the brain’s labyrinth.

Neuro science has no idea about Its logical design/architecture nor its functional specifications or its application axiom.
It’s outside of their current knowledge domain.
Consequently Allopathy's only panacea for all 34 types of mental illness is  "Anti-depressant".

Over the years Neuroscience/Psycho Analyst have come up with different theories for mental biomedical model, Biopsychosocial model, Psychoanalytic model, attachment theory, evolutionary psychology etc.

Each one providing one narrow perspective of a gigantic & monumental problem.

The problem is that Neuro-scientists are trying to figure out the functioning of the brain by studying genes/DNA & tracking the ‘origin & synapses’ of neuron signals in the brain.
It’s akin to try figuring out the functioning of a computer by examining the microchips and tracking the electronic signals on a motherboard!!

Meanwhile in the absence of a holistic approach millions continue to get  ensnared in this labyrinth.

Mental illness – Solving the Rubik enigma
Let’s take an unconventional approach to this issue.

  Nine (9) of the subsystem of those suffering from mental illness, are fully functional & executing their pre- defined tasks - ie cardiovascular system, digestive system, immune system, respiratory system, urinary system etc.
The 10 subsystem ie the Central nervous system/Brain is also functional executing tasks like involuntary actions, memory update/ recall, thought formulation, motions & actions.
1) Yet certain components of the brain are malfunctioning & not executing its assigned tasks. - Why?
2) Is mental illness independent of the physical functioning of all the other sub systems?

Mental illness - Roadmap by Center for introspection & enlightenment Canada BC

•  All the trillion cells in the human body have the exact same physical structure/composition/functionality.
1.And yet they behave differently in different sub-systems.
2. And more importantly – How?

•  The 9 subsystems work in exactly the same fashion for 7.5 billion people.
1) Why does the central nervous system’s “Brain” alone - operate differently for each individual?
2) Why does each human brain process the same ‘input’ in a different & unique ways!. And how ?

•  Mental illness for eg Bipolar disorder is associated with reduced expression of specific DNA repair enzymes.
1. What causes reduction in the repair enzymes?
2. Can the enzymes self repair?
3. How does one repair the enzymes without using drugs?

•  Mental illness indicates an increased level of oxidative DNA damages.
1. What causes the spike in oxidization in the DNA?
2. How does one prevent this oxidization without using drugs?

•  How exactly does the brain function?
We have a fair idea of the physical layout of the brain.
1. But what is its logical design/Architecture?
2. What is the functional specification including the input/logic/output of the human brain?
3. What are the inputs that trigger a specific output?

• How do the cells configure/reconfigure to execute physical ‘tasks’ for eg
Convert let’s say resting energy to potential energy?
1. Who instructs these cells?
2. What is the decision making process in the cells?
3. How are these instructions communicated to millions of cells?
4. And that too in real time in a fraction of a second?

•  What exactly is the application axiom of the human brain?
1. How do the brain cells configure & reconfigure their coding instructions to address/execute the application axiom?
2. Are the cells in the brain programmed to do certain things?
3. Are they reprogrammable?
4. How and who determines the reprogramming to trigger all our actions?

•  Communication is a very complex technical process.
5. How is the communication between cells structured & executed?

And hundreds of such questions.
Questions whose complexity gets geometrically exponential as we go deeper…

Questions which are beyond the comprehension of any single science discipline.

Everything is One – is a Journey into the human brain. Everything is One - Mental illness - Roadmap by Center for introspection & enlightenment Canada BC
It decodes the brain by reverse engineering it.                                    In a scientific & technical way
It describes its logical design/architecture, Functional Specifications & Application axiom.
It seamlessly combines biology, biotechnology, cell technology, computer science, Artificial intelligence, Neuroscience & social sciences...
And provides an integrated & composite view of the human brain,
A holistic solution for mental illness.
And a roadmap for humanity.

Our center’s outreach program is aimed at bringing all scientists together.
To rescue &  liberate millions trapped in this dungeon.
And safeguard the rest of humanity from this sinking sand…

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Everything is One - Mental illness - Roadmap by Center for introspection & enlightenment Canada BC