Purpose of life… Screening at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur India

 In Dec 2016 Mr Ramesh Kulkarni gave a presentation and screened the center’s film Purpose of life. Connecting the dots… at IIT Kharagpur’s – “Center for science of happiness”.  The session was graced with the presence of distinguished Prof Manas K Mandal (Ph.D FNAPsy), Prof Damodar Suar ( Ph. D),  Prof  Priyadarshi Patnaik (PhD), Other professors, Students doing their master and Doctorate studies from  “Rekhi Centre of excellence for the science of happiness”  & Dept of Humanities & behavioral science at  IIT Kharagpur.

This was followed by a question and answer session.

The presentation was well received and warmly appreciated by all the Professors and students

This is part of Center’s initiative for changes in education curriculum across the globe.  A curriculum that contributes & enables students to fulfill the purpose of life. An education system that is more comprehensive, inclusive,  in sync with laws of nature.  Center is launching a campaign  starting in Sept 2015 covering all the major universities in USA & Canada. The center is also reaching out to all the Education Departments of government across the globe .