Protecting Indian Farmers – Based on Canadian Model

In July 2015 Our center’s launched a campaign for protecting the Indian farmers. Millions of Farmers in India were suffering for hundreds of years because of risks from weather, animals, birds and insects, as well as market risks. Ramesh Kulkarni hails from a farmers family and had seen the terrible suffering of Indian farmers. This resultant debt had led to farmers committing suicide every year. The center conducted a research in British Columbia Canada to explore what steps were taken by Canadian Govt to protect its farmers. The key is the comprehensive insurance schemes by the Canadian Govt for Agricultural farmers and livestock farmers. A comprehensive “white paper’ was  prepared by our center and a aggressive campaign launched with the Indian Govt led under the title  “Farmers suicide in India. How the Canadian govt protects its farmers” . The campaign was  hugely successful as in Jan 2016  the Modi Govt implemented the crop Insurance policy called “Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana”

The policy was launched and is being implemented on a mission mode.

This will benefit millions of poor farmers in India

See the announcements and its likely impact

Times of India – New crop insurance- Game changer

White papers on ‘How the Canadian Govt protects its Farmers” thru comprehensive insurance policies & schemes