Everything is One – Origin, Evolution & Nature of life

Everything is One  (Part 1)

                                                                 Origin, evolution & nature of life

By Ramesh Kulkarni
30 yrs in IT as GM/VP/President
Lived in India, USA & now Canadian Citizen

The Mystery of life !
That has baffled the human mind since the birth of civilization
This 90 min film is a Stunning & fascinating journey of life as it evolved thru time
A detailed description of the Design and Architecture of the Human body system
A film for Scientists & Technologists
From fields of Biology, Bio-Technology, Medicine research, Cellular science, Computer science, Technology & Neuro-sciences.
According to the author 'If you understand the whole system- It would be easier to identify the issues & fix the subsystems without harming the whole' 


The Best Technology film ever !!


You can see the film on Vimeo
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