Everything is One – Purpose of life


Everything is One - Purpose of life 

By Ramesh Kulkarni
30 yrs in IT as GM/VP/President
Lived in India, USA & now Canadian Citizen

The Functional specification & Application System of Human body
A scientific journey into the human system
Navigating thru its quicksand
Revealing its mysteries
Deciphering their cryptic codes
The Subtle laws
The uncompromising cause & effect relationship
Exploring the powerful primordial desires
That drives all human beings on this planet
Primordial desires
Dominant, raging, uncontrollable, unquenchable
With a preset biological clock
One lifetime
And just one opportunity
For fulfilling and gratifying them
You can see the film on Vimeo
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Review of the film
The film raises interesting questions about life. These questions have a root in the philosophy of consciousness. The uniqueness of the film is about ‘connecting dots’ of various segments of life which gives a holistic understanding of the purpose of life, in retrospect. Any effort to get the essence of the film at a given stage of life will augment the quality of life as it progresses.
Prof Manas K Mandal - Neuro-Scientist- Ph.D. FNAPsy.
Center for science of Happiness - IIT (Kharagpur) India


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