Everything is One

Decoding the mystery of life

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The Center's mission is to enlarge the 'Human Vision' and enable the human race to evolve into a advanced specie.
After 70,000 yrs of existence the human race has neither fully comprehended the nature or capabilities the human body System. Consequently its potential has not been fully realized.
Everything is One describes the Human body System - its Design, Architecture, Functional Specs &  Application Axiom.
Ramesh Kulkarni the author say "Everything is One - is reverse engineering of the human
According to him " A thorough comprehension of the Architecture  of the human system will enable us to understand the purpose of the system and enable us to realize its full potential"
He further adds "Understanding the schematics & Design of the human system would make it easier to identify problems, segregate issues and trouble shoot the subsystems without adversely affecting & harming the whole"
Says Ramesh "The Correct input is necessary for the human system to give the correct output. Else we will end up underutilizing the most sophisticated system"