Decoding the mystery of life…

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Everything is One – Decoding the mystery of life. A Mystery that has baffled scientists for 1000’s of yrs…

Everything is One

Decoding the mystery of life

A Documentary for Scientists & Technologists
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The Center's mission is to enlarge the 'Human Vision' and enable the human race to evolve into a advanced specie.
After 70,000 yrs of existence the human race has neither fully comprehended the nature or capabilities the human body System. Consequently its potential has not been fully realized.
Everything is One describes the Human body System - its Design, Architecture, Functional Specs &  Application Axiom.
Ramesh Kulkarni the author say "Everything is One - is reverse engineering of the human
According to him " A thorough comprehension of the Architecture  of the human system will enable us to understand the purpose of the system and enable us to realize its full potential"
He further adds "Understanding the schematics & Design of the human system would make it easier to identify problems, segregate issues and trouble shoot the subsystems without adversely affecting & harming the whole"  
Says Ramesh "The Correct input is necessary for the human system to give the correct output. Else we will end up underutilizing the most sophisticated system"

           Everything is One - I         Origin, Evolution & Nature of Life

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The Mystery of life !
That has baffled the human mind since the birth of civilization
This 90 min film is a Stunning & fascinating journey of life as it evolved thru time
A detailed description of the Design and Architecture of the Human body system
A film for Scientists & Technologists
From fields of Biology, Bio-Technology, Medicine research, Cellular science, Computer science, Technology & Neuro-sciences.
According to the author 'If you understand the whole system- It would be easier to identify the issues & fix the subsystems without harming the whole.
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        Everything is One -  II              Purpose of Life

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A  journey into the human brain
The Functional specification & Application System of Human body
Navigating thru its quicksand
Revealing its mysteries
Deciphering their cryptic codes
The Subtle laws
The uncompromising cause & effect relationship
Exploring the powerful primordial desires
That drives all human beings on this planet
Primordial desires
Dominant, raging, uncontrollable, unquenchable
With a preset biological clock
One lifetime
And just one opportunity
For fulfilling and gratifying them
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Dr Sumit Sharma – MBBS MD
Paediatrics - 18 yrs in medical field.  Canada
Dr Ms Sunanda Sharma  - MBBS
Gynaecology & Obstetrics - 15 yrs in Medical. Canada
Suhas Hulyalkar – IIT Kharagpur
18 yrs in IT – Data Scientist | Artificial Intelligence | Machine |
Learning | Deep Learning | Predictive Analytics | NLP
Ms Sudha Chandran – IIT (M), IIM (A)
18 yrs in IT – Solution Architecture, Voice and data
Communication networks, telecom, SAAS.
Dr Ravi Warrier- BITS (Pilani) PHD (Australia)
25 yrs in information Technology. 
Prof Dr Ms Kanchan Chitnis – PHD (Biochemistry)
18 Yrs in Teaching- Clinical Biochemistry, Genomics,
Proteomics, Food and Nutrition, Herbal Science 
Prof Manas K Mandal – IIT Kharagpur
Neuro-Scientist- Ph.D. FNAPsy


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The American Way. Connecting the dots...

Documentary that transformed Indian economy

Meant for Lawmakers, Executive, Judiciary, Business leaders & Economists

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eradicating poverty

The American Way. Connecting the dots...

American Way. Connecting the dots
To see the film - Click here Vimeo 
What makes USA the richest nation in the world
How does it create, retain & distribute wealth.
A Panoramic view of the US Economic engine 
Identifies the key elements that trigger the wealth creation proces
Roadmap for Poor & Developing nations to eradicate poverty through 'Systemic Changes'
A documentary for lawmakers, Buereaocrats , Business people & citizens of a nation.
You can see the film on Vimeo 


Calling on Scientists & Technologists

center for introspection & enlightenment

The Center calls on all the scientists & Technologists to come together.
On the same page.
To make the world a better place 
 Change the destiny of the human race.
A Journey towards a Utopian world
Based on Science
We hope the Scientists & Technologists will join us


Mystery of Life decoded by Canadian Non-Profit

Initiatives for a Utopian world based on Science & Technology

Source: Center for Introspection & Enlightenment

GlobeNewswire USA
Everything Is One
Everything Is One -documentary - science & Technology
Everything Is One

Everything is One – New Documentary for scientists & Technologists released worldwide on Vimeo.

SURREY, British Columbia, May 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Center for Introspection & Enlightenment, Canada has released a new documentary film called Everything is One as a part of its outreach program for a Utopian world.

The documentary film meant for scientists & technologists is available worldwide on Vimeo.

Everything is One has 2 parts, each with duration of 90 min.

Origin, Evolution & Nature of life® is the Journey of Life as it evolved through time. The film describes the design & architecture of the human body system.

Purpose of life. Connecting the dots…® is a journey into the human brain. The film describes the functional specifications & application axiom of the human system.

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CIE releases new documentary "The American Way. Connecting the dots..." 

To inspire & reboot the global economy


Center for introspection & enlightenment 

May 28, 2020, 08:00 ETAmerican Way. Connecting the dots

Available worldwide on Vimeo

SURREY, BC, May 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - The American Way. Connecting the dots…

is a new documentary released worldwide on Vimeo by the Center for introspection & enlightenment Foundation, a non-profit based in Canada.

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Outreach Programs


Presentation at IIT Kharagpureverything is one - Documentary - Science & Technology

In Dec 2016 Mr Ramesh Kulkarni gave a presentation and screened the center's film "Purpose of life. Connecting the dots..." at IIT Kharagpur's - "Center for science of happiness".  The session was graced with the presence of distinguished Prof Manas K Mandal (Ph.D FNAPsy), Prof Damodar Suar ( Ph. D),  Prof  Priyadarshi Patnaik (PhD), Other professors, Students doing their master and Doctorate studies from  "Rekhi Centre of excellence for the science of happiness"  & Dept of Humanities & behavioral science at  IIT Kharagpur.

This was followed by a question and answer session.

The presentation was well received and warmly appreciated by all the Professors and students

Presentation to Govt of India & IIT Mumbai

The American Way. Connecting the dots…American way

On 21 st and 24th Nov 2006 the film was screened by Mr Ramesh Kulkarni in New Delhi for the Planning Commission of India, Ministry of Social Justice and DVD’s were distributed in the Prime Ministers Dr Manmohan Singh's Office (PMO) office and other Govt departments.

Mr RR Gandhi Secretary Planning Commission & Dr Kirit Parikh Member of planning commission and more than 50 Govt officals like secretaries, Dy Sec etc attended the presentation.

It was appreciated by all.

The Documentary was also screened in IIT Mumbai at the Humanities Dept. Prof Pooja Purangand other Professors & Students attended the presentation & Screening.


Mental illness
Brain entanglement that has imprisoned 2 billion people
And entrapped Neuroscience
Unravelling the labyrinth
Reverse engineering the human brain
Roadmap for humanity

By Ramesh Kulkarni
30 yrs in IT as GM/VP/President
Canadian citizen & lived in USA for 10 yrs

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