Spiritual wealth

Initiatives for a Utopian world…

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A film for creating spiritual & mental wealth on the planet
A journey into your soul

An initiative for calming your mind.
Soothing it. Healing it.
Navigating thru its quicksand.
Purging its destructive emotions.
Purifying the mind.
Revealing the mysteries of human life.
That eluded all the finest minds.
Thru the history of civilization.

A journey into mind of nature.
What is nature trying to convey?
Its calling and messages.
Deciphering their cryptic laws.
The subtle codes.
The uncompromising cause & effect relationship.
Exploring its ingenuity & benevolence.

A journey into the human mind.
Exploring the most powerful primordial desires.
That drives all human beings on this planet.

Primordial desires.
Dominant, raging, uncontrollable, unquenchable.

Primordial desires.
With a preset biological clock.
One lifetime.
And just one opportunity.
For fulfilling and gratifying them.

Primordial desires.
Their fulfillment and gratification.
Sparking blissful & divine experiences.

Experiences that give immense pleasure.
And pure joy.
Priceless gifts from nature.

Relishing, indulging and enjoying these experiences.
And celebrating life.
The fundamental and sole purpose of our life.
And our existence.

Divine experiences. Gifts from nature.
Infinite but ephemeral.
Gifts we fail to redeem in our temporal & fleeting life.
Precipitating an abyss of emptiness and hollowness.

Emptiness and hollowness.
That power, money, beauty, fame, knowledge…
Can neither fulfill nor compensate.

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