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1. Food that builds & repairs your immune system – Download PDFfruit-basket-7354-2560x1600

2. Sense of Taste – Nature’s vast food basket with unique nutritious composition, texture & taste -Download pdf

3. Sense of temperature – Discovering the Secret of the Himalayan yogis – Download PDF

4. Yoga  – Blog by Jyoti Kulkarni – Diploma in Yoga teachers training course from Mr Nimbalkar’s “Yoga Vidya Niketan” Mumbai India.

Click for – Yoga for Health by Jyoti Kulkarni

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5. Facing Cancer

How to face cancer and enjoy a normal life

How to face cancer !
Mrs Joshi tells us – how she faced life boldly when she was diagnosed with cancer and what she did during the treatment.
Her survival and recovery process.
The emotional and physical challenges and how she overcame it.
After recovering from Cancer Mrs Joshi has for the last 13 years since recovery traveled to Dubai, USA, Canada, Andaman Nicobar, Nepal and all over India.
She has attended marriages, family functions, thread ceremonies of grand children and socialized.
She is an inspiration for all those Diagnosed with cancer.

Mrs Joshi daily routine during and after treatment.
1) Physical
(a) Yoga ( Pranayam, Bhujangasan, Marjarasan,Parvatasan, Brahmamudra, Shavasasn, Bharamiri, Omkar etc) 
(b) Meditation 
(c) Walking ( 2 – 3 kms)

2) Food Vegetarion food.
               Vegetables – ALL vegetables cooked but especially (Beetroot, Carrots, spinach),
               Fruits – Apple, plums, peaches, Bananas) and
               Spices – Turmeric, powder (chilli, corriander & cummin), mustard seeds, Asafoetida & indian spices
               Drinks – Two glasses of buttermilk everyday

3) Attitude  Positive, lively and practical attitude.

4) Prayers Everyday prayers for one hour for creating positive energy in the body

ps: Center would like to specially thank ms Vanessa Toussaint from Vancouver for contributing her time and Videography skills for this project

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