The American Way… Screening at Planning commission of India New Delhi India

The A2015 new TAW CARD_edited-4merican Way. Connecting the dots…

A film that provides a Road-map for Eradicating poverty thru ‘systemic’ changes.

On 21 st and 24th Nov 2006 the film was screened by Mr Ramesh Kulkarni in New Delhi for the Planning Commission of India and DVD’s were distributed in the Prime Ministers Dr Manmohan Singh’s Office (PMO) office and other Govt departments.

In Jan 2007 Dr Manmohan announced the Social security in UP INDIA and was later enacted as law and enshrined in the constitution – Social security act. The presentation was given in the office of R.R Shah – Member secretary Planning Commission of India. Secretaries of various ministries including Finance, Commerce etc were present.

Based on the films recommendations Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Govt announced a series of  initiatives that resulted in major bills that were passed in Parliament.

These bills like social security bill, old age bill etc are benefiting millions of poor people in India.

For impact of the centers initiatives –

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