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Ramesh Kulkarni believes that material poverty can be eradicated by Nations – only thru ‘Systemic changes’.  His film The American Way. Connecting the dots... provides a road-map for nation’s – by identifying the key changes in the Govt legislation (Laws), National Budgets, Policies, Schemes and the Financial & Management systems required for triggering wealth creation  and making a nation a ‘Developed country’. The film was screened to the Planning Commission of India & Govt of India in Nov 2006. All recommendations in the film were implemented. And has helped millions of poor people in India. See the video below to comprehend the impact of the Initiatives.

Times of India – News update

The A2015 new TAW CARD_edited-4merican Way. Connecting the dots…

(Eradicating poverty thru ‘systemic’ changes)

In Nov 2006 the film was screened in New Delhi for the Planning Commission of India and DVD’s were distributed in the PMO’s office and other Govt departments.

Based on the films recommendations the Govt triggered initiatives that are benefiting millions of poor people in India.


Mission Mode implementation

 On 11th Jan 2007, just 6 weeks after the films screening in New Delhi, the Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh for the first time in the history of India announced the concept of “Safety Net” as recommended in the film. (Times of India clippings below)

The ‘safety net’ and ALL other recommendations in the film were announced, laws legislated and implemented on a mission mode (see newspaper clippings below)

(1) Social Security for unorganized sector – Bill passed in Parliament for “The unorganized sector workers social security bill 2007. Around 30 Crore (300 million) agricultural laborers and workers from the unorganized sector stand to benefit from this bill.

(2) Free Health care package for old age person and BPL – Old persons Bill (by the Ministry of Social Justice and welfare) – 7.6 crores (76 million) old people and widows stand to benefit from this bill.

(3) Life and disability cover– estimated 30 crore (300 million) people stand to benefit from this bill

(4) Unemployment insurance and employment guarantee on the lines of facilities provide by USA and other European countries

 TIMES OF INDIA – News PM Dr. Manmohan Singh launches Social security schemes- Download PDF

(5) Aadhar – Unique Identity number (UID) based on Social security number concept in USA

Times of India – PM launches AADHAR card scheme

(6) Free & Quality primary/secondary school education

Times of India –  PM School education policy

(7) Housing & Mortgage laws for Affordable housing

Times of India – PM announces Housing for Slumdwellers

Times of India – PM home loan subsidy

(8) ROADS – Investment in Roads doubled -Roads

Times of India – New Road Policy

(9) SME/MBE – Small business Entity

Times of India – PM SME MBE

Times of India – Dr Montek Singh  SME-SBA

(10) Defence Policy

Times of India – PM announces new Defence Policy

(11) Healthcare

Times of India – New Health care policy

(12) Policy Directions 2009 – of UPA Govt after winning the elections with a majority.
“Unconstrained by its previous alliance with leftist parties, Singh’s new government had a freer hand to implement economic liberalization measures to drive growth, but instead focused its budget on rural development and support of social programmes.” (Times of India)

Times of India – Paradigm change in Budget

(13) Employment generation schemes –

Times of India – PM announces employment generation schemes

(14) Crop Insurance policy – Protecting the Farmers Interest

New crop insurance- Game changer





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