Material wealth

Initiatives for a Utopian world…

            2015 new TAW CARD_edited-4

A film for creating material wealth on the planet.

A Road-map for poor and developing nations to eradicate poverty

What makes USA the richest nation in the world?
How does it create, retain and distribute wealth?

Provides a macro view of American model.
Identifying the critical drivers of their economic engine.
The key elements triggering the wealth creation process.

In Nov 2006 film was screened to planning commission and Govt of India.
Subsequently the the following bills (recommended in the film) were passed.

* The Social security bill 2007
* Old age bill 2007
* Life and disability cover bill 2007
* National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy 2007
* Healthcare budget 2008 – increased from 13 to 22%.
(Av yearly increase from 1990 to 2005 was 1%)
* Education budget 2008 enhanced by 34% !!
* Right to education (RTE) 2009
* Aadhar Card (SSN in USA & fulcrum of financial system)
* and many more

Initiatives that has benefited millions of poor people in India.

2015 new TAW CARD_edited-4

Other Initiatives by the center for creating material wealth on the planet.

And for eradicating poverty.

Downloadable PDF – Click links below

  1. Farmers Suicide in India –  How Canada/USA protect the farmers
  2. Land Acquisition for public infrastructure – How Canada/USA resolved the issue
  3. Slums of India – How USA/Canada addressed the problemcriticalinfrastructure
  4. SSN of USA – Importance of Aadhar card
  5. Child benefit scheme – Canadian Model

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